Awesome Summer Camping Activities for Bored Kids

Awesome Summer Camping Activities for Bored Kids

Many are the ways to keep your kid busy during the summer break. Instead of letting them spend much time with their iPads or in front of the TV, why not organize the following summer camp activities and let your kid and his/her buddies enjoy the summer together?

  • Tabletop Game Tournament – If you have the budget, we advise you to keep your kid and his/her friends entertained with games such as table tennis, foosball, hockey, and other tabletop games. Divide the children into groups and create a friendly competition. The group with the most number of games won would be the champion. Just make sure you have some treats for the winning group.
  • Sand and Seashell Art – Imaginative children can create numerous crafts from sand and shells. Using glue, advise the children to draw on a piece of paper. Once they’re done drawing, ask them to pour colored sand on the glue to create their very own sandy masterpieces. You can also print the outline of some cartoon characters and ask the children to color them using glue and colored sand. Another idea is to fill a glass bottle, a vase, or a candle votive with layers of colored sand using spoons, beach shovels, or funnels. There are many other things that can be made with sand art; just ask the children to expand their imagination and you’ll be surprised on what they can create. Sand art can be messy so we advise that you do this activity outdoors.
  • Journaling/Scrapbooking – It is a common practice for sleep-away campers to keep a journal so that they can record their adventures during the camp. Why not do the same thing for your kid? Just buy your kid a new journal, colored pens, and some scrapbooking materials. Encourage him/her to write or draw about his/her unforgettable experiences over the summer.
  • Backyard camping – Set-up a tent (or even just a blanket fort) in your backyard and prepare some s’mores and hotdogs to give your kid that camping feel. You can play card games with your kid during the day and read bedtime stories at night. Invite your kid’s friends over to make the activity more fun.

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