Exactly Why is My Computer Too Slow?

Exactly Why is My Computer Too Slow?

Those wondering why their computer runs so slow obviously own a computer that is frustrating them by being extremely slow. In order to restore your computer, it is necessary for you to know the reasons why your computer is too slow. A few of the most common reasons why computers tend to run slow are:


Too many applications
You must acknowledge the fact that your computer can only perform a fixed number of things at a time. Apart from the programs that are being run manually over it, certain processes are run during the startup, that too automatically. Read more about them for details. This problem can easily be solved by disabling a few of the programs that run when you start up your computer by running the ‘msconfig’ application and undoing a few of the items in the startup tab. You could even disable a few services through the services administrative tool. But, if you really need all of those programs, than adding more memory to your computer is the best option.


Errors in the system registry
The registry has keys in it, which are as important as any other part of your computer system. These keys contain instructions that guide the software or hardware as to how they should run. With the passage of time, there is a good chance that your registry entries can get messy. This is because your computer does not always restore the default setting once the programs are run. With the passage of time, this problem seems to get worse and your programs find it hard to receive instructions as to how they should run. The computer registry needs to be cleaned every now and then either manually or through an online registry cleaner to make it possible for the computer to run at its normal speed.

Files that are Badly Fragmented
Scattered files in your storage space are the major reason behind the reduction of performance as well as storage capacity of your computer. This happens in case your computer allocates memory which is not used properly and leaves holes of storage space or causes the memory to divide into small pieces. With the passage of time, fragmentation makes the computer slow down. This problem can easily be fixed by running a defragmentation tool. This tool is available with all versions of Windows.

If you are a regular internet user who downloads files off the internet frequently, than there is a very good chance that your computer is infected with a virus. This obviously is another reason why a computer gets to run too slow. It is best to have the latest virus protection software installed on your computer to prevent this from happening. In case there are too many viruses on your computer and it gets impossible to remove them, it is best to re-install Windows on it. read more

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