What You Need To Know About Your Furniture Supplier

What You Need To Know About Your Furniture Supplier

Businesses, every item on their office space is an investment, so conscious effort must be done when procuring them. The littlest details will be scrutinized or inspected. Even when looking for a dealer or supplier, they need to go through a serious process of bidding and approval for them to be an accredited supplier.


So if you are tasked of looking for office furniture companies in Dubai, here are the things that you need to know and questions that you need to ask:


  • What furniture they usually make?

Some furniture makers and dealers have a signature piece that they are known for. For instance, they are known as the best sofa dealer or countertop maker. This is good as you would know what they are capable of. But it would be best if they can also deliver other types and kinds of furniture. You would never know when your company would need a certain kind of furniture or furnishings, so it would be best if they can be flexible enough to do what kind of fixtures you need.

  • What are the materials they use?

The materials the maker and suppliers used would tell you the durability of their pieces. So ask away what they are using for their products. You can also ask about the process of their furniture making. Through these details, you can tell if they are detail oriented and how they treat each order they get from the customers.


  • Can they take bulk orders?

If you are looking for a hotel furniture Dubai supplier, then it would be best to get one that can take bulk orders. Businesses like hotels and apartments are regularly updating their space and furnishings. It is a one-time, big-time thing so you would need a furniture dealer that can deliver the numbers. Usually, having a number of furniture suppliers and dealers where you can get all your fixtures is good, but there might be some problems with the consistency and quality. The way is to stick with one team that can provide all the furniture that you need.


  • What is their usual timeline?

For businesses, time is valuable. More so with hospitality businesses. For this industry, delays would mean unbooked rooms or spaces. The dealer should be able to deliver their orders on time to ensure the continuity of business operations.


  • Is there an after sales service?

Companies who provide after sales services is always a good thing. This would mean that you can still contact them in case you need something clarified or done with regards to the furniture that you ordered.

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