Frequently Asked Questions about Less Than Container Load

Frequently Asked Questions about Less Than Container Load

More businesses are availing sea freight services from logistics companies in Jebel Ali because they are more affordable compared to air freight options. One of the many sea freight solutions is called LCL – short for Less than Container Load.


What exactly is Less than Container Load?

Contrary to full container load which is good for bulk and heavy loads, LCL is highly beneficial for smaller goods. The normal size of the LCL container is not more than 20 cubic meters. In LCL, the shipper does not have exclusive rights to use the entire container, and thus the container contains items from different shippers.


How much does LCL cost?

This type of service is a more affordable option compared to FCL since the shipper needs to pay only for a portion of the load and not for the entire container. The charges of LCL are priced based on the volume of goods. Just like FCL, LCL also has door to door service which helps businesses to limit their expenses on hiring their own delivery personnel and buying their own delivery vehicles. As per shipping companies, the money that a shipping could save from availing LCL rather than air freight could reach as high as 15 times less.


Is LCL safe for my goods?

Reliable freight forwarding companies only accept stackable, dry and non-hazardous, goods for their LCL solutions to prevent any form of damage and for the security of all the goods inside the container. There are other LCL restrictions concerning dimensions, type of packaging, and weight. Having said all of these, the shipper would surely have the peace of mind that the freight would be shipped in top shape.


Should I avail LCL for my business?

If you own a small to medium-sized business that doesn’t need to ship bulk goods regularly, then LCL is probably suitable for you. This type of service is also for non-perishable goods and items that are not time sensitive since LCL usually arrives later than air freight and FCL. This type of service is availed by individuals and companies in the e-commerce, direct selling, retail, apparel, and packaged food industry. If your business falls under any of the stated industries, there’s a bigger chance that LCL is the perfect sea freight service for you.


Where can I find an LCL provider in the United Arab Emirates?

Hundreds of freight forwarders in the United Arab Emirates offer LCL solutions. Try to search them on Google and read some honest reviews first before ringing the companies.

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