Fool proof tips to get the right copic marker

Fool proof tips to get the right copic marker

If you want to start using copic pens for your painting or other art and crafting purpose then it is very necessary to get the right kind of copic markers in Dubai. If you get the wrong marker then it will be difficult for you to sketch and color properly. There are several whiteboard suppliers in UAE who also have a huge variety of copic markers too so you can get your desired markers form them. If you want to know about the different aspects on which you have to buy the exact marker then you should read this article till the very end:

Price: First thing is that you should know the price which you can pay to get the markers. There are three different categories in copic markers and they all have different prices. You can buy the most expensive one if you have enough resources but if you just started your work and have fewer amounts to spend then you should go for the least expensive ones. You can also buy the basic colors markers from the expensive range and other markers from the cheap amount range.

Nibs: If you are doing great in your area of art then you need to be very specific about the type of nib. You have to choose specific nibs for different kind of work and on the basis of this need you have to see that which kind of copic marker have the higher range of nibs to exchange in between. Most expensive ones will have more nib options then the other ones.

Ink: Each category of copic marker have different capacity of having ink in them. If you buy the most expensive one then it will have the most capacity of having ink in it and you can use it for longer time without refilling. But if you run out of the ink then you need not worry about it because there are ink containers available to refill the markers when they dry up. If one marker has low ink capacity then you have to refill it more frequently and it may give hindrance in your work. It is better to get the expensive ones to avoid excessive refilling and wastage of time and energy in this.

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