The growth of sales in health products continues every year in Dubai. This is happening despite the crackdown on shady websites that sell imported health products that have prohibited compounds. All of Dubai’s vendors understand health products are popular among locals and expats. That is why more and more of these products found in Dubai’s online and offline stores. Below are some of them:


  • Stamina and vitamin supplements. Second to weight loss products, stamina and vitamin supplements are given more attention by men than women. These supplements can be purchased from city-wide health stores in tablet form.  The tablets are then taken after each meal, daily. Doing so increases the person’s daily dose of vitamins and minerals. One of the best sellers in Dubai is Centrum multivitamin and iron tablets.


  • Products for weight loss. Weight loss products are still the best-selling health products on a global scale. These products are available for both men and women. Products like fat reducing teas, herbal medication programs, and organic herbal remedies are only a few of the products you can purchase for natural weight loss. One of the most popular weight loss products in Dubai is the Ultimate 30-Day Program from ShapeWorks by Herbalife. This program has nine divisions: drinks, tablets, protein shakes, and snacks that boost the metabolism. They also serve as guilt-free alternatives to regular snacks, and a good source of nutrients for cells and aminogens. The 30-Day Program is formulated to be taken while following a regular exercise routine and eating a healthy diet. The tablets should be taken two to three times every day. The program is very effective but quite expensive. For best results, you should control your diet strictly for thirty days or a month.


  • Skin Care Products. Reputable skin care products are necessary in a hot and humid city such as Dubai. Age-defying lotions, sunblock cream, and moisturizers are the common skin care products in skin stores. Both men and women use them every day as part of their morning and evening rituals. Two popular skin care products in Dubai are Aloe Hand and Body Cream and NouriFusion Multivitamin Eye Gel. Consumers are advised to purchase products only from fully registered and licensed online vendors and shops.


  • Herbal organic teas. Organic herbal teas are becoming very popular with locals and expats. Now, the choices of organic tea are more than just a handful. The improved number of choices was brought about by supermarkets that love to showcase their selection of herbal teas. In Dubai, there is always a variety of herbal tea to address any predicament. Online tea shops claim that their teas help in detoxification, promoting sleep, reducing stress, and preventing hair loss. The most popular herbal teas are Flowering tea (antioxidant), Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea (aids in losing weight), and Puritea (detoxifying agent). These three varieties of tea are inexpensive and readily available in Dubai’s supermarkets and health shops.

If you’re in Dubai, you will never have any trouble improving your health and well-being. Follow Dubai’s yellow brick road to health and you will always be at your best in everything you do.

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