Optimizing Your PPC Campaign For More Effective ROI

Optimizing Your PPC Campaign For More Effective ROI

Investing on pay-per-click campaign can bring positive results to your digital marketing campaign. For one, it can bring enormous warm leads to your site and increase the possibility of a sale. It is also used to amplify your brand on specific and targeted keywords.

But running a pay per click campaign is not simply creating a copy and bidding on a specific set of keywords. You need to take some time on optimizing to achieve your desired results. And here are some of hacks you need to optimize your PPC:

  • Collect and analyze data

Once you set up your PPC campaign on general keywords and copy, start collecting data. You need these insights to so you can formulate your next strategy. Try running it using a more generalized strategy within a week or two.  Upon gathering enough data, starting analyzing the results. Aside from the Analytics data, you need to back-up your insight with other studies like from Google Trends.

Draw a conclusion based on the combined data and create a strategy for you A/B testing.

  • Do A/B Testing

Some think that A/B testing is a waste of time and budget. But you have to remember that you need a basis to know if the strategy you formulated is working or not. Doing A/B testing is worth it so go for it. But do not make drastic changes on your campaign. Tweak and make adjustment little by little so you can clearly identify what changes bring the most positive result. Do not forget to record the changes you made.

  • Track Results

You wouldn’t know the efficacy of the campaign unless you track the results. Tracking it daily wouldn’t give you much result. The best time is to track them on a weekly and monthly basis. On a weekly basis, you can make little changes on the campaign and see how it will affect the campaign. The monthly monitoring would give you a macro and micro result of the campaign.

  • Do not forget your website

Many digital marketers missed the mark since they are focusing on the campaign and set up that they forget the landing page. You also need to evaluate the end of the funnel which is the website. There might be some elements that are affecting the performance of the campaign.

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