Essential things every new internal auditor should know

Essential things every new internal auditor should know

As a new internal auditor, it can be difficult for you to manage in beginning and to work with experienced colleagues. But there is no need to worry because with little knowledge and experience you can beat them If you are passionate. Several organizations also offer internal auditors training for new auditors so you can also get benefit from these trainings. But there are few important points that you need to know when you have newly joined an organization.

Know your organization: When you have joined an organization then it is your responsibility to have knowledge of your organization. You will have to work on several risk management projects for which sound knowledge of current affairs of company is compulsory. There are many ways by which you can get information about your company such as website of your company, manual of your company and documents of your company. having sound knowledge of your company will make your more confident and your efforts will be appreciated.

Observe the culture of your company: Knowing about your company’s culture is one of the most important things because you will have to work with colleagues and it is important to coordinate with them. So, you should have keen eye on the culture of your company and how people work there.

Have learning behavior: When you are new in company then there are a lot of things that you need to know but it will be possible only if you will have learning behavior. You should interact with your seniors and colleagues for complete learning. Learning is the process which remains continue at every level either you are senior or junior.

Be open to criticism: You must be enough courageous to listen to criticism. Criticism is a real thing when you are working in a community but it depends on you that how do you take the criticism. You should take criticism as positive gesture and you should remain motivated.

Have innovator’s thinking: You must have progressive mindset and you must have innovative thinking if you want to make place in your company. thinking out of the box and creativity will be plus point on your designation. But contribution is must if you have creativity because you can never get respect and attention in company without contributing in your company. So contribute as much as you can.

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